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Here in Jerome you are treated to authentic Arizona, no made up name with the suspected meaning "place where my wallet runs dry". There will be no Vortex, except as you complete your last swirling sip at the local watering hole. So you say, "what am I going to do? I need to find a place that is more than a giant strip mall set out to relieve me of as much cash as it possibly can. There has got to be a place with a sense of history and intrigue, of community and purpose... a celebration of individuality". You have been looking for Jerome Arizona.

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You probably have never even thought of taking a ghost tour, but here you are in the most haunted city in America. So, you know what they say, "when in Rome do as the Jeromans do"

Armed with gadgets reminicent of the classic GhostBusters movie you will examine the strange goings on and the occult. This is a blast and not to be missed! So strap on your energy vortex accelerator and get ready!

There are three tour companies that operate out of Jerome. Each company has a variety of tour options for you to experience. Click here and you can get their website, telephone number and more general information.


You know you want one! this is your chance to actually do it. The artistis at Jerome Tattoo Company have years of experience and a giant catalog of great "tats" to chose from. So no matter if this is your first tattoo or the first one in the last month, you can get what you want.

The Jerome Tattoo Company is the Verde Valley's premier tatoo venue. The shop is home to Adam Gilbert, Jason Benatz, Johnny Knuckles, Brandon Bryant and other guest artists as well. You can't miss this stop off, even if you don't get some ink, come on in and talk to crew. Call 929-649-2143 or visit it's easy to get there.

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Here in Jerome you are treated to authentic Arizona, no made up indian name with the suspected meaning "place where my wallet runs dry". There will be no Vortex, except as you complete your last swirling sip at the local watering hole.

Within the town of Jerome you can tour three great museums. The first, is the Jerome Mine Museum, run by the local historical society. A bargain at 2 dollars, this Museum is a quick glimse of life in Jerome at the time of the miners. For More detailed tour, head over to the Jerome State Historical Park and Douglas Mansion. This state museum, still a bargain at 5 dollars, is a treasure of Jerome lore. Your last, but not least, stop should be at the Gold King Mine. This place is a hoot! Not only will you see relics of the past but you are sure to be entertained by your host.


At the base of the hill you will climb to reach the town of Jerome is the sleepy village of Clarkdale. Here in addition to the quaint downtown square you will find Tuzigoot National Monument. History here dates back long before the Miners and is worthy of your detailed exploration. This is an ancient village complete with rooms, stairs and a complex architecural layout.

In addition, don't miss Camp Verde, home to Montezuma's Castle National Monument. This ancient community, build on a cliff, is a monument to engineering skill and craftmanship.

Nearby you can also explore Montezuma's well in RimRock. Together, these three locations paint a vivid picture of early Native American life in the incredibly beautiful location.

image montezuma castle monument
image bikers at spirit room jerome


If you have never done this - you need to. Jerome has always had a special place in the hearts and minds of the biker crowd. On any given sunday you will find the Spirit Room filled to capasity with this rugged but amicable crew. Don't worry though, if anything the bikers are there to keep the peace just as much as they are there to raise a little cain.

Originally Jerome's popularity with the biker crowd started when hollywood came to town and made a movie about the Hells Angles right here. After that, everyone had to come and see this awesome town straight out of the wild west. True to the spirit of the wild west, Jerome remains a great place to have fun.

Finally, Jerome is a great jumping off point for a number of great rides - click for details!


Within 20 or so minutes, Jerome is an easy drive to some great neighboring communities: Jerome is about 20 minutes from Sedona and only 5 minutes from Clarkdale. Take a scenic trip over Mingus Mountain to Prescott, it's only 35 minutes away. Finally, don't miss Camp Verde, home to Montezuma's Castle National Monument. Each town has it's own special points of interest not to be missed.

When you reach the bottom of the hill that takes you to Jerome, you are just a few minutes from Old Town Cottonwood. This is a restored old west town that has seen the likes of John Wayne, Elvis Presley, Burt Lancaster and Robert Mitchim and a host of Hollywood starlets hang their hats.

image downtown sedona
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I know it's one of my things, but if golfing is your thing, Jerome is just minutes from great golfing. There are two courses in Cottonwood and a half dozen in Sedona. Almost all are open to the public and offer rental clubs.

In Sedona check out Oak Creek Country Club or the Ridge on Sedona. Both courses are open to the public and offer reasonable greens fees and a scenic tour de force. In Cottonwood I recommend the Verde Santa Fe course. Set in a beautiful community you can gaze across the Verde Valley to Jerome.

So put on some cleats and give it hell! - click for details!


This is guaranteed fun. You can dress up your significant other in any crazy outfit you want and get away with it. That alone should get you down here.

You can be a cowboy in for a quick stop off at Jerome's red light district, known as "husband's Alley". A police man, or woman looking to catch a desperado, or one of the town folk in for a pleasant visit with the family.

So saddle up and give it hell! - click for details!

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Certainly a great activity for any outdoor type. Here you will be able to apply your cunning Mingus Mountain climbing skills. Be sure to take along a friend, no greater satifaction can be attained than knowing you have reached the summit together! Having been on top of that mountain, I can say The view is spectacular as you take in the crisp, fresh air with rolling hills within reach.

In addition, you can travel a bit further and find the Granite Dells in Prescott. These awe inspiring hard verticle formations are a fantastic place for an enjoyable afternoon. Formed over millions of years, the hard, erect Dells appear almost surreal, and to about half the population, like something from another planet. Hike around the base and boulders, then get on top of a few, you're sure to enjoy it! Finally, circle the wetlands and lake and make a picnic of it. If you haven't been to Mingus Mountain, it's easy to get there. Just head south and follow the curves along scenic 89a (not to be mistaken with nearby hwy 69). Scenic it is, as you pass sweet rolling hills and rugged bushy outcroping framed by expansive panoramas of the Verde Valley. Then as you reach the climax you may notice the signs but most certainly you will probably get a nudge from your partner. Once you have completed your mission and reached the summit, get out and explore everything this experience has to offer.


Believe it or not, this is not even close to the exhaustive list of things to see and do in and around Jerome Arizona. To find out more you need to come here and do some exploring yourself. You can also click on the links provided and you will learn more about these activities. Web links, phone numbers and adddresses are provided along with maps to some locations. So don't be uninformed when you visit, there are amazing places just around the corner waiting to be discovered. How about a scenic train ride on the Verde Santa Fe Rail Road?