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Jerome Olive Oil

image jerome olive oil

Taste is the difference in the world of olive oil excellence. Here at the Jerome Olive Oil Company you can be assured that you will be using the finest ingredient in your cooking or dipping. Call 928-634-2090. Mon-Thurs 11:00 - 4:00, Sat-Sun 11:00 - 5:00


image adorn collection

this gallery and gift shop is at the center of Jerome, located just up the hill from the spirit Room and accross from the Haunted Hamburger.

Puffin Stuff

image puffin stuff

This is the unique combination of adult novelities and smoke shop. Located in the Jerome UVX Center it is close to everything in Jerome. This highly rated shop is loved by customers. Call 928-649-8998

House of Joy

image house of joy

Once a brothel, then an awesome restaurant, this is now a funky gift shop offering everything from the world of the bordello to world war II memorabilia. Their hours vary so it is best to call ahead 928-634-5339


image lola shop

Located at the bottom of the hill that is just off Main Street sits the women's clothing store known as Lola. You can get more details by calling 928-639-4743 420 Hull Street Jerome 86331

Scooter Trash

image shop scooter trash

Any visit to Jerome is sure to involve quite a few biker sightings. This is where they shop. There are T shirts of varing appropriateness and of course a good selection of patches that are on the money. Call 928-593-9480.

Liberty Gifts

image liberty gifts

Just off Main Street is the Liberty Theater Gift Shop. In this store you will find Hats, T shirts and a good selection of movie memorabilia. You can get more details by calling 928-649-9016 or visit their website at

Mooey Christmas

image shop mooey christmas

What if it was Christmas every day? Well that just can't be but the spirit of Christmas is always in full season at Mooey Christmas. Diana and Fred make sure you can get an early start, a late start or just any start. Call 928-639-2604 or visit their website at

Nellie Bly

image shop nellie bly

This is actually a two for one deal, that's because right here is Nellie Bly AND Nellie Bly II. They specialize in kaleidoscopes and art glass and throughout the store there are beautiful items to grace your home. call 928-634-0255 or visit

Western Heritage

image western heritage furniture

From the very beginning, Tim has been building furniture of the highest quality. With a showroom right on Main Street and headquarters in the old Mingus Union high school you will find outstanding additions to your home. Call Tim at 928-649-1711 or visit

Arizona Discoveries

image arizona discoveries shop

for the last 35 years, at 317 Main Street you will find Arizona Discoveries, rock and gift shop. They have tea lights, shark teeth, fossils and local honey. for more information call 928-634-5716 or you can visit

Designs on You

image designs on you shop

Leigh is the owner of "Designs on You" clothing store at 367 main Street in Jerome. It's right next to the Art Park and has a great selection of clothing. For more details you can call 928-634-7879

Jerome's Jewelry

image jerome jewelry

Rick and Rick The Second craft custom pieces of fine jewelry righ here on Jerome Street nearby the Spirit Room. Come in and browse their store or consult with the artists there for a design all your own. call 928-639-4701 and also visit their website at


image muttley crue

This is an upscale, trendy clothing shop located under the historic Connor Hotel. Here you can find the latest in fashion or a great gift for a friend.

Laughing Mountain

image laughing mountain shop

laughing Mountain is a gift shop located on Main Street that sells books, pottery, gift type souvineers of all kinds. call 928-634-8764 for more details

Altai Leather

image altai leather

At Altai Leather they specialize in hand made products. Belt, purses, buckles, breifcases and more are available here at the south end of town. call 800-213-8112 for more information.

Aurum Jewelry

image aurum jewelry

Aurum Jewelry, located on Main Street, is a working jewelry store where the owners Sharon and Curt have operated since 1984. In addition they carry designs from other artisans. Call 928-634-3330 or visit

Coppertown T Shirt

image coppertown t shirts

When you visit a place like Jerome a T shirt is a great way to remember your visit. Coppertown T Shirts has a great selection of cleaver shirts. Call 928-634-7988

Red Rock Resale

image red rock resale shop

The odd, the old the new and recently found are all on sale at Red Rock Resale. Get in here and check it out.

Papillion Antiques

image papillion shop

Papillion Antiques located at 107 Main Street is filled with great items from clothing to furniture. call 928-634-7626 for more details and hours.

Retro Resale

image retro resale shop

Located at the bottom of Main Street , near the Faltirons Cafe, Retro Roadrunner Resale has a wide selection of vintage and retro clothing for sale.

Patsy's Parlor

image patsys shop

Patsy's Parlor is filled with fun and interesting gifts and quite a few Zombie realted items. you can call for more information 928-634-2020

Miners Rock Shop

image miners rock shop

Rock shops are awesome and the Miner's Pick is no exception. Located on the street that leads to the Jerome Grand Hotel, the shop features hand picked gems and minerals from around the world. Call 929-274-4499 or visit

Blue Bee Boutique

image blue bee boutique

You can not find a nicer lady in Jerome that Wynne, she runs the Blue Bee clothing, jewelry and gift shop. Tucked away on the stairs between Main Street and Clark Street this store is a unique women's clothing store. Call 928-634-6187

Jerome Pottery

image jerome pottery

There are not many things that can make the statement"Made in Jerome" but the Pottery shop at the north end of Main Street can. Stop by and you are sure to meet David or Jane in their studio hard at work since 1972. call 928-634-2962 or visit

Ghost Town Gear

image ghost town gear

Ghost Town Gear is Jerome's local outfitter. Here you can get ready for the great outdoors with an excellent selection of goods. Call 928-634-3113 for more details.

Cleopatra Hill

image cleopatra hill shop

Cleopatra Hill is located at 105 Main Street, just across the street and down a bit from the Spirit Room. Call 928-649-6094 for more details and store hours.

Turquoise Spider

image turquoise spider shop

Turquoise Spider, as you might imagine, specializes in all things Turquoise. Located at 323 main Street, they have great gifts and an outstanding collection of jewelry. Call 928-634-8782 for details

Raspberry Jewelry

image raspberry shop

Raspberry is located in the heart of Jerome ant the north end of Main Street near the Fire Station. call 928-639-1611

Newstate Underground

image newstate shops

The Newstate shops are under the building on Main Street. Down a flight of stairs you will find a number of shops catering to the tourists.

Ghost Pepper co.

image jerome ghost pepper shop

Excellent hot sauce is what you will find a the Jerome Ghost Pepper Company. Stop in at the base of Hull Street for free sampling call 928-200-2338 for more details.


image puscifer shop

Clothing, art, tour posters and the like are offered in the Puscifer Store at 140 Main Street. visit their website at

Cactus Curiosity

image cactus curosity

Cactus Curosity is located at 329 Main Street in the very heart of Jerome. They carry a wide selections of gifts and souvenirs. Call 928-634-4148 for more information and their hours.