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Jerome has been an artist community for about 50 years now. There are a great selection of galleries in the downtown area as well as out at the old Mingus Union High School. In addition, the first Saturday of each month is art walk day where the galleries and studios have extended hours. No matter when you come, you are sure to be treated to this thriving artist colony. Here are a few to take a look at:


image adorn gallery

jAN describeS her art as contemporary High Desert style and that is exactly what you will find here. She offers paintings, Jewelry and wine accesories for the true enthusist. Call for hours and more information.


image jerome art coop

Located in the historic Hotel Jerome, the Jerome Artist Coop has been featuring talented artist for over 20 years. There are painting, jewelry, wood carvings, photographs and more at this great store. Call 928-639-4276 or visit


image jerome tattoo

Tattoos as art? well now that you really think about it this is a discipline that requires all the attributes of a great artist. In addition, it is "painted" on a live subject. So, if you have ever thought about getting a tattoo, stop by Jerome Tattoo for a consultation.


image anderson mandette gallery

Robin Anderson and Margo Mandette have been a rock to the art community for more than 40 years. Down at the old Mingus Union High School, they occupy a building all their own and fill it with incredible art. Call 928-634-3438for more information and hours. visit


image knapp gallery

The Knapp Gallery at 408 Main Street, next to the Bordello Restaurant, has a beautiful collection of sculpture and portrait art. for more details and hours call 928-634-2811.


image 527 gallery

Gallery 527 is home to more than a dozen of Northern Arizona's finest artists. You can find fused glass, furniture, sculptures and paintings to suite any taste. call 928-649-2277 or visit


image old mingus union

There are over a dozen fine artists that call the old Mingus Union their home. Doug captures the essense of the human condition in portraits and accross the hall Mark Hemleben's landscapes set a standard for the artists everywhere. For the art lover, this is a must stop on your visit!


image raku gallery

Since 1988 the Raku Gallery has been displaying beautiful art in ceramic, sculpture, glass and traditional paintings. Located just off Main Street at the top of Hull, and true to it's Zen origin it is a place of peace, where the view out the back of the building is sure to inspire you. Call 928-639-0239 or visit


image zen mountain gallery

Zen Mountain is a collection of local artists, curated by owner Christopher Mull. It is located near the south end of Main Street. Call 928-634-5009 for more details and hours of operation. Or visit


image flux gallery

lA VICTORIA located at the base of First Avenue is a bit of an enigma itself, maybe even art. Stop by or call 928-649-2631 for more details and hours of operation.


image pura vida gallery

If you have ever been to Costa Rica you are sure to have heard the term "Pura Vida". Loosely translated it means the good life, and good it is here where you will find interesting sculpture, glass, caramic and even wood items. Call 928-634-0937 for more information.


image merchants gathering gallery

The Merchant's Gathering gallery is a collection of artists under a single roof. Like the Jerome Artist Coop, there are a good number of fine artists to see inside. Perhaps the most well known is Cody DeLong. His landscapes and images of Jerome are well liked and he can be found in his shop about three days a week.


The first Saturday of each month is art walk day where the galleries and studios have extended hours. This is a great chance to actually meet the artists and gleem a hint of their inspiration. This is a fantastic trip for the art lover.


In addition to the Galleries and artists mentioned here, there are so many more that don't have a gallery but do outstanding work. One such artist is Ron Chilston, photographer extraodinare! check out his work on


Summer is a great time to be in Jerome! The crowds are lighter, the air is cleaner and it just feels good to be in Jerome. So come on up and see these fine artists's work!


This is when Jerome really hits it stride, Holloween is just around the corner and the ghost are ready to prowl the streets. Besides that, the weather can't be beat this time of year!


A little known secret is that this is the best time of year to visit Jerome. It is nice and cool, but not too cool, and the summer crowds are months away. So get up here before the Vernal Equinox.