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How can a town of about five hundred people have ten outstanding restaurants? The answer is simple. You, the visitor-tourist come to Jerome in such large numbers that you have made it attractive for innovative and creative restaurateur to open a place here. In this town you can find everything from fine dining at the Asylum Restaurant to great breakfasts simple snacks and such at the Faltiron Cafe. The great benificiaries are the locals here that get to enjoy a level of dining excellence that would otherwise be impossible. So thank you!

image haunted hamburber


Truth be told, this is something of a landmark here in Jerome. If a local is asked a question, it will probably be "Do you know where the Haunted Hamburger restaurant is located" Don't worry though, Jeromans are friendly and are sure to help you

Once seated, you are sure to satisifed. There will be little doubt this is a great dining experience as you sink your teeth into a juicy burger. I am getting hungry just writing about it!

In addition to the normal tasty burgers, you can find a number of other items. Quesadillas, Fajitas, Chicken sandwiches and a variety of other carniviorous fare await. But Vegetarians don't dispair... there are great Salads, and some veggie sandwiches too. Click for the menu, and more details.

To map the location: 410 Clark Street Jerome AZ 86331 or call 928.634.0554.

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Everybody knows the old saying "When in Rome, do as the Romans do". Well here in Jerome, if you want a great meal, do as the Jeromans do! On any given day you will see a steady stream of customers in and out of the Hilltop Deli. What you probably won't realize is they are mostly locals and that they love this place.

Once inside, you will most probably be greeted by Steve, the owner. He is as friendly a guy as you would ever want to meet, but you will love what he does with his sandwiches. The variety and combination of sandwiches is endless and in addition to being well liked by the locals, the Hilltop Deli is well reviewed on trusted sites such as Trip Advisor, Urban Spoon and Foursquare.

Click for the menu and more details. To map the location: 403 Clark Street Jerome AZ 86331 or call 928.639.3354.

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image hilltop deli
image mile high grill


Flat out, this is a great place to eat! The owner Liz has created a fantastic restaurant in the heart of Jerome. Right there on Main Street, you cant miss this place. it is located just below the Haunted Hamburger but is by no means a step down. In fact, the Chef Alex does an amazing job and so far I have never had anything less that a great meal there.

The menu is extremly broad, and is THE place to eat breakfast in Jerome. My personal favorite is the Biscuits and Gravy, but there are so many good choices. At lunch you can get an awesome cheeseburger that gives the Haunted Hamburger a run for the money, But that's not all. There is a great variety of Appetizers all at very reasonable prices, they even have about six kinds of soup. They are also open for Dinner and have a number of seafood and veggie choices as well.

To map the location: 309 Main Street Jerome AZ 86331 or call 928.634.5094.

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Do you like the BBQ? Well if you don't there is something wrong with you and you should probably get it checked. This is an old school authentic smokehouse. As you enter Jerome on Hull Street, you will be greeted by the outdoor smoker at the top of the street and an aroma that can't be beat. I have personally witnessed vegitarians of all ages pausing at the door for a mere whiff, an aromatic taste of this awesome fare.

As you finish your finger lickin good meal, you probably won't really care that this is the oldest restaurant in Jerome, or that it's the oldest in the entire state of Arizona. But it is! You just want another brisket sandwich or maybe a platter of ribs. Click for the menu and more details.

I promise you are going to love it! To map the location: 119 Jerome Ave. Jerome AZ 86331 or call 928.634.6235.

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image bobby d bbq restaurant
image grapes restaurant


Are you serious about pasta? Do you love Itailian? Then this is your place. Right there on Main Street accross for the world famous Spirit Room is a culinary delight. My personal favorite is the pasta bowl creation where you can mix and match your choice of pasta, sauce, meats and vegtables to create your own masterpiece.

If that's not enough to entice you inside, think about this: This place is run by the same people that own and operate the Haunted Hamburger. So in my mind it has to be good. These people are the best restaurateurs in the entire Verde Valley. So dig in folks.

Finally, there are plenty of specials that start at dinnertime, so stick around. To map the location: 111 Main Street Jerome AZ 86331 or call 928.649.8477.

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With all the great places to eat in Jerome, there had to be a Mexican restaurant. Well this is it. Set in the dimunitive former safeway building, this tasty restaurant serves up traditional mexican food with a little flare. Inside there are just a few tables, so get there early and enjoy.

This restaurant is also located on Main Street, just a bit down hill from the Mile High Grill. Interestingly enough, this was actually the first Safeway in all of Arizona - all 1000 square feet of it. In any case, you will not go there for the supermarket nostaglia but for the good food and spirits.

Try a tequilla flight and you will be well on your way to happiness. To map the location: 363 Main Street Jerome AZ 86331 or call 928.649.9090.

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image bordello restaurant


For something completely different head down hill to the Bordello Restaurant. Here you can sample a Sexy Bison, a ominous menu item labeled the Sausage Fest or if you're like me and that's not your thing, you can try the Hippe Hash Plate. Despite the creative names, you are sure to enjoy this fare.

As you will see, this restaurant is built on quite an angle. Perhaps that's why the chef here is a bit different but always with an eye for nutritional, healthy meals. No matter what, you are sure to find something you will enjoy here - and surely will have something to talk about when you head home.

To map the location: 412 Main Street Jerome AZ 86331 or call 928.649.5855.


So with all the hikking you have already done here in Jerome, what's another trek? At the top of the hill is the Asylum Restaurant and probably one of the best views to be found anywhere.

The restaurant has an amazing outside patio that overlooks the Verde Valley and I can promise you you won't be dissappointed. To map the location: 200 Hill Street Jerome AZ 86331 or call 928.639.3197 .

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Asylum Restaurant jerome az


In addition to these fine locations, you can also enjoy Breakfast at the Mine Cafe coffee at Mojo to Go, or lastly visit the Faltiron Cafe, you see Jerome Arizona has a ton of places to eat, to drink but most importantly to just have fun. To find out more you need to come. Click on the links and you will be directed to a page dedicated to these restaurants. Last but not lease, you can also visit the Asylum Restaurant at the Jerome Grand Hotel.