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You may quickly discover there are very few rooms available in the town of Jerome. As a result, you need to plan ahead to get a place to stay. In total there are five or six places you will be able to find a room. In addition there are a number of vacation rentals.

image connor hotel


If you are in it for the fun, this is your place. The Connor Hotel, located just above the lively Spirit Room bar, has been around since the was a place called Jerome the have 12 rooms appointed with beautiful antique furniture as well as some ghosts in residence.

You don't have to take my word for it, just watch outside your room and you will probably see a ghost tour pass you by. Don't worry though, as far as I know, no one has been harmed in the pursuit of these slipery creatures.

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What an amazing place! This hotel was converted from the old United Verde mining hospital and insane asylum. So I guess it's natural that there may be some hauntings, strange goings on and the like. In fact, the hotel arranges for ghost tours from 6:00 to 7:30 with their special ghost hunter package.

The rooms have comfy Serta beds, extra pillows and satellite TV, in case you are spending too much time in your room. But if you must hang out in your room at least you are afforded a fantastic view.


image jerome grand hotel
image ghost city inn


This is really a nice place. With just 7 rooms the feeling about the place is homey and comfortable throughout. Built in the 1880s, this was originally a boarding house for miners and travelers. This beautiful B and B has been featured in prestigous venus such as Sonoran Living Television, and the Boston Globe.

From their balcony, sitting about 2000 feet above the valley floor, you can see all the way to Sedona and beyond. This is a romantic place to spend a weekend while enjoying the excitement of old Jerome.

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In this 7 room hotel you can be sure that special care and attention has been given to each room by the owner Liz. In the heart of downtown Jerome this hotel is close to everything but quiet enough to suite anyone. Most rooms have a private bath and all are beautifully furnished.

Each room is given a special name like "Little Daisy", "Pillow Talk", and "Memories of the Heart". So don't expect to be watching TV here, expect romance and fun. In addition, each night's stay includes a hot breakfast in the Mile High Grill that is not to be missed. Liz and her Chef Alex have been raising the bar of culinary excellence in Jerome for quite a while now.

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This is an elegant Bed and Breakfast has just four rooms, so plan ahead. Andrea, the owner, personally supervises all that goes on here at this beautiful B&B.

This bucolic setting has been reviewed by so many great publications that they can't even be listed here. To fully appreciate this place you need to spend a night of two here and wake up to the exqusite Jerome sunrise over the Verde Valley.

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If you have exhausted this list of hotels you probably won't be staying in Jerome tonight. There is however an outside chance you might be able to find a vacation rental from one of the residents. Failing that, you better get real friendly with a Jeroman, Jeromee or what ever you can find down at the Spirit Room.